Intelligent Self-Scaling


In cloud environments, the Secucloud system scales dynamically and without any limits and is offered as Distributed Elastic Computing System.

Traditional appliance-based security solutions must, already in the planning stages, be conceived and dimensioned in such a way that they can accommodate a growing number of users and potential peak loads in the future. Systems like these are rigid and inflexible. In contrast, virtual adaptations of these appliance-based security solutions (so-called virtual appliances or firewalls) are already capable of operating on multiple different virtual platforms. However, no scaling takes place here either.

Only cloud security solutions specifically conceived for cloud environments and set up in a cloud cluster provide the capability of scaling the system. This scaling is, however, only possible uni-directionally and requires a manual adjustment to the systems. This is where Secucloud goes a step further.

The Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS²) which the Secucloud solution offers operates as a “Distributed Computing Cluster” and was developed to guarantee scalability and system stability at a standard equivalent to an Internet service provider.

 In contrast to the virtual appliances mentioned, as well as other simple cloud security solutions, the Secucloud solution Intelligent Self-Scaling is used to automatically generate (or terminate if no longer needed) new virtual instances, depending on the data throughput or bandwidth required.

This allows extremely effective use of cloud resources, which in turn translates into considerable cost benefits. Compared to classic enterprise security solutions, the Secucloud system costs up to ten times less to operate.

High Availability

In the ECS², the Secucloud Cloud Operations Controller (CLOC) monitors all the system’s filter instances and employs Intelligent Self-Scaling to generate new instances as needed. These new instances immediately assume the function of the unavailable segments. The system communicates with the cloud infrastructure. Among other things, it is capable of automatically generating or terminating instances, assigning dynamic IP addresses, and administering DNS entries.

Dynamically scaling systems …

  • adapt dynamically to requirements,
  • can be flexibly invoiced according to use (“pay as you go”),
  • grow to accommodate the number of users and amount of traffic generated

Certifications of the company

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 27001:2015

  • ISO 27017:2015

  • ISO 27018:2014

  • ISO 22301:2014