Secucloud ClOC – Cloud Operations Controller


The Cloud Operations Controller (CLOC) is the central monitoring and controlling unit of the ECS2. It regulates the scaling of the system in the cloud in real time, and monitors the status of all Secucloud Access Nodes.

Scalability on ISP level
The Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS²) operates as a “Distributed Computing Cluster” and was developed to guarantee scalability and system stability at a standard equivalent to an Internet service provider.

High Availability
To do this, the Secucloud CLOC automatically generates new Secucloud Access Nodes (SANs) according to demand and load, and terminates any that are not in use. Should a SAN fail or become unavailable, the failover option immediately diverts traffic to the nearest SAN or starts new instances, as required. That way, consistently high quality Secucloud services are guaranteed.

Secucloud offers high performance with minimum latency. Due to the security cloud, customers profit from improved network speed.



Through the use of globally distributed hypervisors and Secucloud Access Nodes (SANs) the Secucloud solution guarantees all users of the Secucloud Security System an optimum connection at all times. The hypervisors rely on specific DNS entries to ensure that the SAN used for each user is ideal for the user’s specific location.


In cloud environments, the Secucloud system scales dynamically and without any limits and is offered as a Distributed Elastic Computing System. Depending on the required data throughput or bandwidth, the system automatically generates new virtual instances and terminates them again as soon as they are no longer needed.


In the ECS², the Secucloud CLOC monitors all filter instances of the system and starts new instances where needed, to immediately assume the function of any unavailable segments. The system communicates with the cloud infrastructure. Among other things, it is capable of automatically generating or terminating instances, assigning dynamic IP addresses, and administering DNS entries.

Certifications of the company

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 27001:2015

  • ISO 27017:2015

  • ISO 27018:2014

  • ISO 22301:2014