Secucloud Total Mobile Security

Mobile Net, Wi-Fi & Endpoint Protection

The mobile device has become the central communications interface in our day-to-day lives.

Mobile devices have become a constant companion in our lives. Smartphones in particular play almost an indispensible role in our daily routine. It is not just a communication interface, it is much much more. It is our most personal assistant and it has access to our most private information: photos, credit cards, bank and financial data, our movement profile, health information, and more. It can be used instead of a key, it can control our window blinds, the front door of our home, and heating systems. It arranges our appointments, supplies us with travel directions, and gives us access to concerts, trains or flights.

But even the latest models with all their apps, sensors and features have a major weakness: security. This target area for attacks continues to grow unabated, as clearly evidenced by the ever increasing amount of malware, phishing pages, bots and similar hazards, in particular on mobile devices. Today, it is no longer possible to provide sufficient protection against these threats with only the help of the inherent features of Android and iOS and the traditional approach of classic antivirus solutions.

Secucloud keeps you completely secure with the ECS2 security solution.

Mobile Net Protection

Mobile Net Protection is based on the Secucloud Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2). It is integrated into the infrastructure of the mobile communications provider and it protects the entire data stream of all mobile devices – regardless of operating system and without the need to install any software or apps.



  • High security standard

  • No software installation necessary

  • Automatic updates in real time

  • One solution for all devices

  • Low costs

  • A “Made in Germany” security solution – no concealed backdoors

Mobile Wi-Fi Protection

The Wi-Fi Protection app (also available as SDK for TELCO CustomerCare app) protects data traffic automatically as soon as the user connects with an insecure Wi-Fi network. Once an insecure network is detected, Wi-Fi Protection activates a secure connection (for example via Secucloud DNS Sec, VPN Sec or proxy) to the Secucloud Security System, providing a level of security matching that of Mobile Net Protection to all web traffic.



  • Protection in any location and with each connection to the Internet

  • Provider-independent security

  • Automatic detection of insecure connections

  • Low costs

Mobile Endpoint Protection

The Secucloud Endpoint Protection app is a useful addition to Mobile Net Protection and Wi-Fi Protection. It is particularly suitable for users looking for maximum security. Endpoint Protection detects threats that find their way onto the device via local access methods (such as SD cards, Bluetooth or cable) and effectively removes them.



  • Certified by the independent AV-Test testing institute

  • Excellent verifiable detection rate of up to 100 percent (AV-Test)

  • The best solution worldwide with respect to CPU impact (low battery consumption) (AV-Test)

  • The least detrimental to performance

  • Low costs