Small and medium-sized enterprises’ data is particularly exposed to enormous risks!

Business data is one of the most important performance factors of our time. Yet many SMEs do not protect their data adequately against attacks emanating from the Internet. Viruses, worms and Trojans aren’t the only causes of data loss – software or user errors can also be a problem. Lost data can massively impair business and lead to enormous costs for a company, and can even threaten their very existence.

Secucloud Managed Security Services provides easy and effective protection

Secucloud’s managed security services are based on the Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) and work completely transparently in the cloud. If booked, all web traffic of the company is fed via VPN through the virtual security cloud environments and scanned.

These security cloud environments can either be run directly by the managed security service provider (private cloud) or by Secucloud (public cloud).

Shift to a high-performance cloud environment

To properly counter today´s increasingly complex attacks, it is necessary to apply the security functions used in the enterprise environment. However, due to performance limitations, it is not possible to use these on local devices. That is why Secucloud shifts these modern security filters to a scalable virtual cloud environment offered through the provider (OnPremises).


Secucloud’s managed security services offer:

  • Enterprise-level security
  • Pre-configured firewall-as-a-service (Next-Gen)
  • Premium protection against malware
  • Webfilter categories (up to 24 pre-defined filters)
  • Real-time defense through use of Global Cloud Intelligence
  • Immediate effect against new threats
  • Detection of deceptive and malicious links
  • Protection against phishing attempts
  • Easy to adapt through a web interface
  • Central management and administration by the managed security service provider
  • Comprehensive statistics and security reports
  • No software installation necessary


  • High security standard
  • Easy adherence to compliance rules
  • Automatic security reports to IT department or business management
  • No software installation necessary
  • Automatic updates in real time
  • One solution for all devices
  • Low costs
  • A “Made in Germany” security solution – no concealed backdoors


  • Best Practices Award 2017 (Frost & Sullivan)

  • Top 10 Firewall Provider 2017 (Enterprise Security)

  • Innovation Award 2016 (AV-Test)
  • Certified Malware Detection 2016/2017 (AV-Test)

A high level of security – far more than traditional antivirus protection

Multiple security analyzers (a combination of current security filters) ensure security according to the industry standard and initiate active countermeasures against current attack waves at any time.

Due to this combination of high-end security features, a level of security found in enterprise environments is possible in Secucloud ECS2 that is unmatched to date.



By combining the range of security systems in the ECS2 architecture with a global security cloud infrastructure, companies receive a powerful, scalable solution, which ensures comprehensive security in real time for every device, in every location.

Statistics & reporting

The Secucloud Security System registers attacks, threats and blocked or unwanted web content. Clearly visualized statistics and reports can be found in the web security dashboard.

  • Quick overview for all devices
  • Detailed views of individual devices
  • Option of creating own views
  • Automated reports (weekly, monthly) to user groups or business management, for example

Innovation Award 2016

Secucloud’s Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) combines centrally-controlled, modular cloud security services for mobile devices, private households and medium-sized enterprises. For the first time ever, end users can flexibly book this system through their Internet service provider as an added feature of their respective contracts.

AV-TEST, an independent testing institute, honored this new security concept with the Innovation Award 2016.