The innovative “Made in Germany” mobile security solution

Mobile broadband use is rapidly increasing. This is driven by streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and other cloud services such as Apple iCloud or Google Photos, as well as the growing number of intelligent devices (IoT).

Secure mobile Internet use

Secucloud has been repeatedly distinguished for its prize-winning Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2).

Secucloud’s ECS2 solution protects data traffic against external threats in mobile communication networks and prevents botnet traffic (even from its own network). In doing so, it enables providers to play an important role in the protection of their customers against malware and unwanted harmful content.

The Secucloud Advanced Security Suite is on the frontline as one of the first security barriers for blocking the content of harmful, malicious or unwanted content.

A security solution that is easy to operate

Based on DNS technology, the “Advanced Security Suite” from Secucloud is a quick-deployment security solution for protecting conventional Internet use (web traffic, app traffic, etc.). It is supplied as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and allows providers to provide quick and very effective protection for their customers, be it via mobile, landline, home or business.

Secucloud blocks phishing and botnet sites, prevents access to unwanted content such as pornography or gambling, and filters undesirable content from search results (safe search), so it generally ensures safe use of the Internet for all kinds of users.

The main benefits of the Secucloud Advanced Security Suite:

  • No installation necessary on end devices, so no impact on performance and battery life
  • All devices are secured – even IoT appliances
  • Zero-minute reputation: the command-and-control servers of a botnet are immediately blocked
  • Botnet traffic is effectively prevented (infected devices are isolated
  • Protection against malware, phishing and C&C callbacks through every port
  • Enforcement of usage policies using up to 70 filter categories
  • Protection even in the case of encrypted HTTPS requests


  • Best Practices Award 2017 (Frost & Sullivan)

  • Top 10 Firewall Provider 2017 (Enterprise Security)

  • Innovation Award 2016 (AV-Test)
  • Certified Malware Detection 2016/2017 (AV-Test)