The Secucloud Intelligent Algorithm Based Steering (IABS engine) in each SAN instance performs a preliminary categorization of incoming network traffic and then passes it on to various security analyzers for further classification. With the help of the IABS engine, the individual components of each SAN are combined intelligently with one another, ensuring maximum security and performance. This can be used to employ different AV engines (which use application-specific algorithms), to make decisions based on defined trust levels, for example.


By combining the range of security systems in the ECS2 architecture with a global security cloud infrastructure, companies receive a powerful, scalable solution, which ensures comprehensive security in real time for every device, in every location. Multiple analyzers are put to use in each Secucloud Access Node (SAN) instance that guarantee security according to the industry standard. To do this, the SANs process all customer device traffic and enforce the configured security and filter policies. Using highly advanced security engines, analyses of the global threat situation are generated in real time and measures are initiated to counter any actual attack waves.