Content Analyzer

More than 500 million websites are categorized

The fast pace of the Internet makes it increasingly difficult to actively block unwanted content, because new pages and therefore new potential sources of danger are added continually.

Using intelligent algorithms, Secucloud’s web filtering module is capable of analyzing and categorizing web pages in real time, assuring the best protection possible against harmful attacks and the latest threat scenarios.

More than 500 million websites are categorized in the Secucloud system and updated in real time. It has a central management area for URLs and applications, which allows security policies to be defined for individual users and user groups. For example, for certain websites and applications the length of use can be limited. The Secucloud system also informs the user why the current page or application was blocked, fostering security consciousness.

With dynamic URL filters, URL categorization is flexible and granular. It is organized hierarchically to guarantee a reliable analysis. Since the majority of online content is user-generated and dynamic, such as on Facebook or LinkedIn, the traditional approach of using URL lists is inadequate today. Dynamic content classification at Secucloud identifies content reliably, so it is capable of enforcing policies on individual pages for entire domains.

  • Automatic update of content filter-database
  • Image safe search
  • Time-of-day policies
  • Custom categories
  • File-type blocking
  • Anonymous proxy detection
  • IM & P2P blocking
  • Internet application blocking, including proxy applications
  • Web 2.0 application control
  • Spyware and malware site blocking
  • Detection of infection activity
  • Custom Blacklist- / Whitelist-support
  • Phishing and fraud protection

Innovative Threat Analyzer

Combination of different Security Systems
By combining the range of security systems in the ECS2 architecture with a global security cloud infrastructure, companies receive a powerful, scalable solution, which ensures comprehensive security in real time for every device, in every location.

Multiple analyzers are put to use in each Secucloud Access Node (SAN) instance that guarantee security according to the industry standard:

Global Cloud Intelligence
Next Generation Firewall
DNS Layer Analyzer
SSL Scan Decision Engine
Trust & Reputation Analyzer
APT Sandbox Analyzer
Content Analyzer