Smart appliances in the Internet of Things (IoT) are finding themselves increasingly in the crosshairs of cyber criminals. If the goal is to spread malware or paralyze Internet infrastructures with the help of DDoS attacks, botnets are one of their favorite tools.

This growing threat has prompted an increasing number of supervisory authorities to apply more intensive controls to ensure that current and new IT security legislation is complied with in the future, specifically meaning that they want to check whether telecommunications providers are actually living up to their information protection obligations.

Effective immediately Secucloud offers an IoT Anti-Bot package, with which suspicious bot activity can be automatically detected and, where applicable, promptly inhibited – even for smart appliances in the IoT.

The aim of much national IT security legislation is to help law enforcement authorities combat criminal botnets. To this end an increasing number of telecommunications providers will be obliged in future to notify their customers of the kind of suspicious activity that could indicate attacks by malware in the user’s system. The telecommunications providers must likewise be capable of pointing out “appropriate, effective and accessible” means by which the harmful processes can be detected and, ideally, prevented.

With the IoT Anti-Bot package, Secucloud provides telecommunications providers with a way to satisfy the requirements of much international IT security legislation and protect end customers effectively against botnets. To do this, the powerful OEM cloud framework in the Packet Analyzer module of the Intelligent Algorithm Based Steering Engine (IABS engine) provides IDS and IPS systems that can detect bot activity and, if applicable, promptly inhibit it.


  • Helps telecommunications providers comply with national legal stipulations
  • Effectively protects all customer devices (even IoT appliances) against virus infection
  • Reduces the risk of botnet activity
  • Integrates IDS and IPS systems into the Secucloud Packet Analyzer
  • Intelligent Algorithm Based Steering Engine (IABS engine) detects and blocks botnet activity in real time
  • Ready for immediate use for effective protection of more than 100 million end users
  • Completely integrated into the provider network

Innovative Threat Analyzer

Kombination verschiedenster Sicherheitssysteme Durch die Kombination verschiedenster Sicherheitssysteme in der ECS2-Architektur mit einer globalen Security-Cloud-Infrastruktur erhalten Unternehmen eine leistungsstarke, skalierbare Lösung, die ein umfassendes Schutzniveau in Echtzeit für jedes Gerät an jedem Ort sicherstellt. In jeder Security-Access-Node- (SAN) Instanz kommen mehrere Analyzer zum Einsatz, die Sicherheit nach Industrie-Standard gewährleisten:

Global Cloud Intelligence
Next Generation Firewall
DNS Layer Analyzer
SSL Scan Decision Engine
Trust & Reputation Analyzer
APT Sandbox Analyzer
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