Secucloud offers managed security service providers and value-added distributors a comprehensive IT security system

The customer’s network traffic is fed encrypted to the Secucloud platform and analyzed for threats by various security systems in a scalable cloud environment.

Secucloud’s managed security services are based on a powerful next-generation firewall and work completely transparently in the cloud. Using intelligent algorithms, Secucloud is capable of analyzing and categorizing web pages in real time, assuring the best protection possible against harmful attacks and the latest threat scenarios.

Despite increasing complexity and a growing amount of new malware, Secucloud is capable of uncompromisingly combining maximum protection with the highest efficiency, thanks to this cloud-based security.

Opportunities for resellers – a change in IT security strategy

Opportunities for resellers – a change in IT security strategy

Cloud-based security systems such as the Secucloud Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) are successively replacing classic appliance-based unified threat management systems and next-generation firewalls. With low investment figures, quick implementation and high future viability, Secucloud is the ideal partner for resellers and managed security service providers.

Tailored exactly to the needs of modern resellers

The Secucloud solution is perfectly suited to the classic reseller channel: a ready-to-use solution, central administration of all customers, direct booking options, support-ticket system, and a “Made in Germany” security system – guaranteed free of backdoors.

Marketing as own service – complete white-label capablability

Booking and administration of the system is accomplished through a central interface. It can be adapted to the corporate design of the reseller so that the end customer only sees one provider: the reseller or managed security service provider.

Integrated reporting and support system

Aside from the pure administration of security settings, an integrated dashboard is also available to the reseller or the managed security service provider. Here it is possible to analyze all current statistics either for all customers as a group or for each customer individually, and automatically send a security report to each end customer, for example on a weekly basis.

Flexible business model

The flexible business model is based on running SaaS fees, which the reseller bills to its customers on an individual basis. The monthly service costs start at low two-digit figures. Moreover, due to the versatile use of ECS2, considerable cross-selling potential is generated.

Security in real time

On Secucloud’s security platform attacks are registered in real time and the necessary reactions are immediately initiated. Security updates are performed at all times, without any latency.

Secucloud’s managed security services are tailored to the needs of value-added distributors and managed security service providers and offer:

  • Enterprise-level security
  • Pre-configured firewall-as-a-service (Next-Gen)
  • Real-time defense through use of Global Cloud Intelligence
  • Immediate effect against new threats
  • Automatic updates in real time
  • Detection of deceptive and malicious links
  • Automatic security reports to IT department or business management
  • A “Made in Germany” security solution – no concealed backdoors


  • High customer binding due to white-label solution
  • Low maintenance
  • Central management and administration of all customers
  • Integrated booking and support system
  • Use of existing devices/machines (UTM firewalls, routers or similar)


  • Best Practices Award 2017 (Frost & Sullivan)

  • Top 10 Firewall Provider 2017 (Enterprise Security)

  • Innovation Award 2016 (AV-Test)
  • Certified Malware Detection 2016/2017 (AV-Test)