Years ago, SSL certificates were mainly used for banking and other secure transactions. Today, they have established themselves in virtually every area of the Internet. Through encryption, SSL certificates are often used to guarantee secure use of corporate applications, webmail services, social media sites, and important search engines. Branch analysts project an increase in SSL traffic volume in the coming years from roughly five exabytes (i.e. five billion gigabytes) of data per year to almost 15 exabytes. This will make the inspection of SSL traffic increasingly important, to ensure an adequate level of security. After all, hackers are also increasingly making use of SSL – to hide device infections, conceal the loss of data, or to mask command-and-control communication for their botnets. Ignoring this problem is risky. That is why Secucloud SSL Scan Decision gives each customer the opportunity to choose how they would like to handle SSL inspection. This decision can apply for individual domains, URLs, or specific categories. This way, it is up to the customer to decide (based on white or blacklists), which Internet pages are to be fully decrypted (“full SSL scan”) and which are to be scanned by SAND SSL without decryption. This would allow secure connections, such as banking sites, to be excluded from decryption.


Secucloud’s advanced non-decrypting SSL scan technology is capable of analyzing SSL data traffic without decryption. This enables the system to extract meta-information from each web request – a process which leads to a detection rate of up to 99 percent.

Since it is no longer necessary to replace certificates, the work of the service is fully transparent. The user experience is completely unaffected. Users don’t have to replace certificates, nor do they notice any negative effects on performance, regardless of the device they are using.

  • No man-in-the-middle and no replacement of certificates necessary
  • No decryption of SSL traffic
  • Transparent – customers experience no restrictions


Secucloud’s advanced non-decrypting SSL scan technology is capable of analyzing SSL data traffic without decryption. This enables the system to extract meta-information from each web request – a process which leads to a detection rate of up to 99 percent.


Combination of different Security Systems

By combining the range of security systems in the ECS2 architecture with a global security cloud infrastructure, companies receive a powerful, scalable solution, which ensures comprehensive security in real time for every device, in every location.

Multiple analyzers are put to use in each Secucloud Access Node (SAN) instance that guarantee security according to the industry standard:

  • Global Cloud Intelligence

  • Next Generation Firewall

  • DNS Layer Analyzer

  • SSL Scan Decision Engine

  • Trust & Reputation Analyzer

  • APT Sandbox Analyzer

  • Content Analyzer



Secucloud Global Cloud Intelligence provides a real-time glimpse of the online threat situation to actively protect all Secucloud customers. The Global Cloud Intelligence automatically analyzes all IPs, domains, hosts and files that could potentially be associated with suspicious behavior.

To identify new threats as soon as they appear and ensure immediate protection for the user’s platform Secucloud Global Cloud Intelligence inspects billions of web transactions. Together with a multitude of different intelligence feeds, Secucloud ensures that the latest security intelligence is always used.


Secucloud links superior machine learning technology with the multi source input network to continuously improve the Global Cloud Intelligence and to rapidly classify domains, URLs, IPs and files with great coverage, accuracy and speed.

Another technique to ensure continuous tracking and unique accuracy is to determine via proprietary AI algorithms how deeply a given site should be scanned. For example, site dynamics and typical user interactions with a given site are factors in these algorithms. Secuclouds’ contextual analysis determines in which case to deeply scan sites, using different methods:

  • AI analyzing the site dynamics and user behavior

  • Customer-oriented classification

  • Exact URL classification at any given time due to continuous tracking


“We’re happy to be able to provide VinaPhone customers with effective protection – it’s well suited to the challenges and specific circumstances of our market as it’s delivered from the cloud[…]”

Tuan Nguyen (CEO), VKAS

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Illena Armstrong (VP editorial), SC Media

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Chris Rodriguez (Senior Industry Analyst), Frost & Sullivan

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Dina Tsybulskaya (CEO), CJSC Belarusian Telecommunication Network

“[…] It’s just not possible to protect each device individually – instead, efficient protection needs to be centralised and delivered from the cloud. We recognised this requirement some time ago and have developed the security service in partnership with Secucloud to protect our customers against increasing IoT-based threats.”

Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani (CEO), Ooredoo Group

“We have a lot of respect for our customers’ sense of responsibility. Rather than limit that, we’re making the Secucloud service available to them as a high-performance tool that helps them use the internet more securely and with more awareness.”

Bas Swierstra (Marketing Manager), Sunrise CH

“[…] the solution is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do: secure our users’ online experience quietly and effectively in the background without them having to limit their web surfing or even notice the shield in action.”

Aleksandar Joncevski (Senior Product Manager), Makedonski Telekom

“We decided on secucloud in April 2015 from a shortlist of possible vendors. All secucloud’s security functions are located in the cloud, so there’s no longer any need for software installed locally on the devices. That means users are protected all the time – with no effort.”

Jochem Reijndorp (Product Manager), T-Mobile Netherlands

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